Tuesday, June 4, 2024

SECU Is Trashing Its Reputaion For Fairness And Endangering the Finacial Health Of Members With Risk-Based Lending...

😎 Here's a little personal, real-life example of how the SECU Board has thrown the membership to the wolves, by using FICO credit scores to slam member-borrowers with higher loan rates unjustly...

   ... uh-oh! 

                          What did I do?

 May 27, 2024:  Dear JAMES BLAINE,

We've detected a change in your FICO® Score. Your score has decreased -69 points.

Your FICO® Score can increase if you:

  • Pay your bills on time - [Always have!]
  • Use less credit than you have available - [Always do!]
  • Keep your credit accounts open and in good standing - [Always have!]

Your FICO® Score can decrease if you:

  • Miss monthly payments - [Never have!]
  • Max out your credit accounts - [Never do!]
  • Apply for new credit such as a credit card or a loan - [Haven't done that either!]

What's next?
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