Monday, February 5, 2024

About "Last Chance Saloons": Boeing, Boeing Gone?


Excerpts from: London CNN  — The Hill

Tim Clark, the president of Emirates Airlines, has joined a chorus of airline executives in warning that Boeing [sold the plane to Alaska Airlines] is running out of time to restore its reputation following a series of blunders.

In an interview with the Financial Times published Sunday, Clark said he had seen a “progressive decline” in standards at Boeing, which he put down to long-running management and governance missteps, including prioritizing profit over engineering excellence.

“They’ve got to get their manufacturing processes under review so there are no corners cut etc.... “This is the last chance saloon.” 

When reached for comment on Clark’s remarks, Boeing referred The Hill to previous comments made by Dave Calhoun, Boeing president and CEO:

“We understand why they are angry and we will work to earn their confidence. There’s no message, no slogan that will accomplish that. It’s all about real, demonstrated action and absolute transparency every step of the way,” Calhoun said, talking about customer frustration.


... "real action and absolute transparency" ... sounds like excellent advice!