Monday, March 20, 2023

SECU Board - Response To Open Membership Question - A Forked Tongue Answer? - Or Pinocchio # 13?

 To: SECU Board of Directors Chairman Ayers,

Members are increasingly having difficulty in believing understanding what you and the SECU Board are saying when you answer member questions. Here's yet another example where you appear to speak with a forked tongue! This comes directly from your highly-edited, highly-spliced and diced Fireside Chat video. Remember those November meetings where you gave Advisory Boards the "low down" (not to be confused with "as low as" rates, though perhaps ethically similar) on what's up (definitely not assets!) at SECU . 

You literally had months to get this right, but...

 Here is the SECU Board's written answer to the Annual Meeting resolution question on Open Membership: "It's too soon to say. " [See Fireside Chat - Full video at 22:21 or see panel below.]


And here is the CEO's answer to the same question on Open Membership: "The answer is we would like to. We would like to expand our field of membership."  [See Fireside Chat - Full video at 22:24].


Two very different answers within the space of 3 seconds! [ Fireside Chat - 22:21 and 22:24]. 

POP QUIZ: So , who is telling the truth?

口 A) The SECU Board of Directors

口 B)  The CEO

口 C) Never A

口 D) Never B

口 E)   Neither A nor  B

口 F)  We don't have to answer that.


...In the future, I would prefer to be  misinformed professionally. Thank you!