Wednesday, May 3, 2023

What Next With H. 410 - Credit Union "Updates" - A N. C. Senate Sunrise!

Some folks got discouraged when H. 410 breezed so easily through the North Carolina House of Representatives, despite the substantial opposition and uproar that surfaced.  

Hey, perk up, it looks like you may have won! That's a picture of a sunrise, not a sunset!

The underhandedness with which the bill was presented by the Carolinas' Credit Union League - cheered on by SECU - did not go unnoticed. Thank you! 

The media, other N.C. credit unions, the bankers, credit union members statewide, and our Senators in the State Legislature are on to it. No one likes being played for a fool! 

Dan Schline, the CCUL, SECU and their lobbyists have been shown - without question - to be untrustworthy and willing to purposefully mislead our elected representatives on H. 410. 

Your North Carolina Senate - both Republicans and Democrats -  are indicating that "the H. 410 snake" needs to have its tail removed, just behind its head. If the N.C. Senate follows through over the next few weeks and shoves H. 410 into the trash; the State Legislature will have administered a well-deserved slap in the face to Dan Schline, CCUL, and SECU.  

With the defeat of H. 410, we can get back to discussing the decline in purpose, principles, and performance at SECU.

It would be helpful if you would consider sending a brief email to your State Senator about H. 410, over the next week. You've spent a horrendous few weeks having to slog through the detailed analyses of what is actually in H. 410. And, had a closeup look at the crude, deceptive tactics being used to try and fleece and fool the Legislature - and all North Carolina citizens. 

You should find plenty of "stuff" to tell your Senator about!

Will post tomorrow the information on how to look up your State Senator. Hey, perk up , the sun is rising in the N.C. Senate! 

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