Tuesday, September 19, 2023

SECU Is Developing Its Own "Me, Too"-type Following...

😎 Got a wide response on the Wolfpacker post [see post here - 9/13] on the loss of an old friend and die-hard SECU supporter... and a subsequent safe deposit box snafu experienced by the family.

 https://clipground.com/images/east-carolina-university-logo-2.jpg Well, you know how the folks "Downeast" are - don't like to be left out... here's a "me, too":

"Just read your latest blog.  I, too, have attempted to close out my safe deposit box three, count ‘em 3 times and left the branch in frustration. There is either no one there who knows how, or they only have 2 keys, or someone is at lunch and unavailable.

I do not even recognize my old branch. Looks like everybody I knew left and from what I hear I cannot say that I blame them. Needless to say, I am heartbroken over it. That blog prompted this and I just had to get it off my chest."

✅  Apparently, one elephant in the room which has not been addressed by the SECU Board  - nor the CEO - is the quality of service members are now receiving at the "new/new" SECU. Might be time for the Board to take a breather from those "We Are" vanity vids and get back to work on monitoring the actual performance of SECU. 

Time for another one of those "All Members/All Employees" CEO memos? Here are some questions:

  1. Are the call center wait times, as often mentioned, too long? If so, what's being done?
  2. Are you stripping folks out of the branches to work calls? Hasn't this led to long lines and a decline in branch service levels?
  3. Have too many long term employees left due to the internal disruptions, leaving SECU with a large number of new, untrained staff? 
  4. Has specialization and centralization crippled the unity and member service flexibility at the branches?
  5. Is collection centralization continuing to cause loan losses to soar?
  6.  The number of SECU employees (f/t, p/t) has increased by 1000+ - up by almost 20% - over last 2 years. If they are not in the branches, where are they, what are they doing for the members?
  7. Have you considered that deposits may be leaving for reasons - like service quality - other than those low rates?


... even the pirates are now complaining about SECU?

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