Thursday, June 1, 2023

SECU New Culture, New Direction - The Oxymoronic "New/New"

Oxymoron - n, a combination of contradictory or incongruous words. from the Greek "oxus" (sharp) + "moros" (foolish). 

Please choose an example from the New/New SECU:

1)  "Confidential" Employee Survey

     口 Pretty Ugly?

2)  SECU "Culture" Department

     ロ Awfully Good?

3)  A "no formal" merger proposal proposal    

     口 Virtual Reality?

4)  SECU "Strategic" Plan

     口 Grow Small, Unlimited Budget?

5)  Centralized "Collections"

     口 Stupid Genius ?

6)  New "democratic" board election procedures

     口 True Fiction ?

7)  Open "Membership"

     口 Small Crowd ?

8)  " H. 410"

     口 Dan Schline?

9)  SECU Business "Ethics"

     口 Genuine Imitation?

10)  "This" SECU Board

       口 Crash landing?


... does there appear to be more moros than oxus in the works at SECU these days?