Monday, April 3, 2023

SECU "New" Culture - Everybody Is Doing It! - It's The Industry Standard.

To:  SECU Board of Directors

Yes, SECU was different in offering equal lending rates to all qualified members, regardless of their race, their age, their gender, their economic status....

It is very regrettable that each of you personally agreed to conform to "industry standards"....


Risk-based Lending (RBL) - Keeping Folks In Their Place - Especially Young Women

KEEP 'EM IN THE KITCHEN...!    As "your" SECU Board of Directors, "WE" have decided "WE" no longer care that as a single Mom (credit scores for folks in their 20's are -43 below national average (703) and for females -12), you may have greater challenges in making ends meet from time to time.

Lets see 703 - 43 - 12 = 648...Why, you're just a lowly, high risk, "won't keep your word" type of lady! Definitely an SECU "C" tier "profile" ("We" all know what that little word means, don't "We"!!). You should be grateful "WE" lend to you high risk folks at all! 

But "I've always paid the Credit Union, been a member since I was born"? That's "your" problem, "WE" really don't have time to listen to your whining, excuses, stories - "WE're" rebranding, going commercial, and grow, grow, growing GLOBAL!!!  


... she was lucky the SECU Board even "DEIgned" to respond to her! Just another SECU DEI disaster - a Misty Haze (mmmm...hazy!)