Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Dead Man Walking Financials Too?

 Question: Wonder why the SECU Board won't publish the credit union's April 30, 2023 financial statements? [... been ready for weeks.]



Answer:  (Check all appropriate answers):

口 1. "This Board" doesn't want to.

口 2.  Who wants to know?

口 3.  The financials are proprietary.

口 4.  The financials fail to support "this Board's" strategic plan.

口 5.  "This Board" was busy writing letters.

口 6.  The financials have been submitted to the Nominating Committee for vetting under "this Board's" new Election Procedures.

口 7.  We forgot and left them in Duck, N.C.

... always heard that "numbers don't lie" - is that the problem?