Saturday, July 29, 2023

SECU Election Cycle - Want to Run? - This Board "Requires" That You Read Their "Strategic Plan"!

😎 Talk about hurdles purposefully designed to discourage SECU members from seeking office! Required to read "this Board's" Strategic Plan!!!  I'd rather have a colonoscopy... without sedation!  Your Honor, I rest my case...   [Link to This Board's "OMG SECU Strat Plan"!]

Or, if you really need "this Board's" help in understanding what they are doing to you for this little "this Board" video.... [try to ignore the "former/former" seated on the right...and try not to laugh out loud about his twin on the left]: 


[Here's your link to the video!!!] ...feel good about the leadership of your Credit Union after watching that?

✅ Mr. Ayers: "Successful implementation of the 4 areas of our strategic plan will promote greater operational efficiency [$75 million over budget, operating costs up 24% over historical levels], expand member choices [wait either 45 minutes or 2 hours for a contact center call, low or very low rates on savings,  mediocre or high rates on loans, close your account sooner or later], and prepare the organization to operate more sustainably [beats me?!?! remember stifle yourself...]."

... be sure to consider whether Mr. Errors is a convincing leader representing your best interests - and the best interests of 2.7 million of your fellow members in North Carolina.

  .... no, me neither.