Saturday, July 29, 2023

SECU Board Election Cycle - An SECU Member Can't Run For The Board Without Applying To "This Board"!

 Time Wasting GIF - Time Wasting Waiting GIFs Haven't heard anything further from the Administrator of Credit Unions; so will check back next week to see if any progress has been made on how to mitigate the invalid New Election Procedures. No easy fix, especially with an obstinate, error prone, but unapologetic Board. The whole situation goes from ripe to rotten pretty quickly if not addressed.

😎  The most humorous story I've heard about the New Election Procedures was about a conversation with a current member of "this Board'.  When asked by an SECU member why the New Election Procedures were approved so abruptly, the Board member said "...we hired a consultant who told us we were exposed to the possibility of being taken over by a small group of members!" The member without thinking blurted out ".. too late on that, it looks like it has already happened!"  The Board member didn't seem to get it... [Not surprised, are you?]

✅ Many members have expressed interest in running for a seat on the SECU Board. Some have filed an application with the Nominating Committee, some haven't. Both groups want to begin gathering member signatures. Here are the responses from "this Board":

Q1) "Ms. Funderburk,

Would you please send me a copy of the official self-nominating petition as I'm considering submitting my name as a candidate for an SECU board seat?

Thank you in advance for your assistance."
A1)  ... "Since you did not submit a completed Candidate Package before the deadline for the current year, you will not be eligible for nomination by the Nominating Committee or for self-nomination this year.  Your interest in serving on the Board of State Employees’ Credit Union is appreciated, and I hope you will reach out in 2024 and submit a completed Candidate Package for consideration.  Thank you [Board Corporate Secretary]

Q2):  "Amy Funderburk, Board Governance Lead,

 Would you please send  me, as quickly as possible, a copy of the Official Nominating Petition that is to be used for the upcoming SECU board elections? Thank you very much."

 A2): "Thank you for your inquiry.  As set out in the election procedures:

If a member is notified by the Nominating Committee that they were not selected as a candidate, and the member wishes to self-nominate, the member may then email the Assistant Corporate Secretary at to request a copy of the Official Nominating Petition for State Employees’ Credit Union Board of Directors (the “Official Nominating Petition”).

The self-nominating packets will be available after the filing of nominations with the Corporate Secretary.   Thank you, Amy Funderburk"

Q3): "Ms. Funderburk

What is the purpose for the delay in providing a copy of the self nominating petition?  Is there any reason other than to suppress my interest in becoming a candidate?   Please provide an honest answer as to why you will not provide the form now. If there is no legitimate reason not to provide the form at this time, then please forward it to me as requested. Thank you."
A3): SECU did not reply with an honest answer...[Not surprised, are you?]
✅ "This Board" doesn't appreciate being questioned, especially by SECU members ... regardless of what State law, CU rules & regs, and the SECU bylaws require!
... [Not surprised, are you?] 


  1. 18 a member and willing to serve. 500 signatures. Why can't a member put their name on a paper saying I, Name, am self nominating for the NCSECU Board of Directors.Then get the 500 members which "must include the member name, telephone number, member address, signature and date of signature for each member supporting the candidate to count as a valid signature." What's all this about official nominating petition? Where is the oversight of this out of control board? helloo is anybody out there?

  2. ""This Board" doesn't appreciate being questioned ..."

    Tyrants are never pleased to be confronted, ESPECIALLY with the Truth!

  3. “Buy the truth and do not sell it—"

  4. "Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains to bring it to light."

    George Washington

  5. I have been a member of SECU nearing 30 years now. I have never seen a decline in service and values like we have experienced over the past two years in OUR Credit Union. Since this SECU Board brought Jim Hayes and all the Disasters he brought with him, our credit union has been failing. It appears every single area of service has been broken by this Board and this Executive Team.The old SECU was an organization I never had to question as to whether or not I was receiving the best service and always fair treatment as a member. I knew I was.
    My question is does Ayers, Handford, Garland, Brinson and the other 7 directors really think all Members in the state are stupid, ignorant and blind to what they have done to our Credit Union? The three adjectives I have just used better describe This Board's ability to make decisions for the entire membership and their feeble attempt to takeover SECU for themselves.

    Stop wasting our money on consultants who only spew out what you want the narrative to be. Stop changing election procedures which have worked well for decades in an effort to steal an upcoming election. Stop demeaning Member's questions and complaints regarding changes being made to Our Credit Union. SECU does not belong to Raleigh exclusively, the true Owners of this great credit union live in every part of this State - and up until the last couple years this was a truth and a fact celebrated. What Our Credit Union has been exposed to is a group of Self-Serving unfit Board of Directors and yes, Some Individuals on the inside out for their own personal gain. I am looking forward to the Administrator over our NC Credit Unions returning ownership of SECU back to the Membership with some serious house cleaning taking place in Raleigh. And to all those who have played a part the past two years in this attempted takeover, SECU was never yours for the taking. SECU/ Owned by all the Members.
    Signed, by a very concerned SECU Member.

    1. "My question is does Ayers, Handford, Garland, Brinson and the other 7 directors really think all Members in the state are stupid, ignorant and blind to what they have done to our Credit Union?"
      They don't care and yes they know exactly what they are doing. It all starts within the heart ... these aren't dumb folks just more interested in earthly treasures than Doing the Right Thing!
      They're not interested in "REALLY" helping people, obvious by their actions.

  6. so this board thinks it needs to protect itself from being taken over by a "small group." more like 2 million plus members want to see this board gone and NCSECU restored to serving all members and not JUST the elite 11 and their friends.

  7. when I read this it reminds me of Abbott and Costello’s signature routine; Who’s on first, What’s on second, I Don’t Know’s on third... only SECU style ...