Thursday, December 14, 2023

SECU - Character Will Always Win Out: As You've Just Witnessed... #9  

✅ Thank you to the new Board members, thank you to the members who voted those directors in and the incumbents out, thank you to the members who spoke up at the Annual Meeting (even including those "pre-programmed" retirees) , thank you to the thousands of member petition-signers who put those folks on the ballot, thank you to Jean and Julian (and Susie, and Kim, and Chris, and...), thank you to the SECU employees who continue to serve and persist, and to the SECU members who endure... 

... even when many of the actions of our leadership appear to be so petty...

"Hey baby, there ain't no easy way out, but stand your ground..."

"... and don't duck down!"
✅ Character will always win out - count on it!