Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Mike Lord - Retired SECU CEO - Sends Clear Message - Stop The Train Wreck At SECU!

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         Mike Lord         

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Ms. Garland is mistaken. [see 8/31 post - link] Let me be clear. There are two former SECU CEO’s (and many other folks) working to unseat her and the other incumbents on the SECU Board. Their track record over the past two years speaks for itself. It has been one train wreck after another for our Members, Employees and the Reputation of SECU. https://secuvote.ey.com/
Allow me to address a few of the many issues “This Board” is responsible for either through actions or inaction:

1) The Board hired an inept candidate as CEO (Jim Hayes) who attempted to eviscerate our longstanding culture of member service with the full support of the Board and then papered - over the deed with a slick advertising campaign. https://secuvote.ey.com/
2) The Board directed or supported Mr. Hayes strategy toward SECU “Legacy” employees which was to demean, disregard and disrespect them and pass over the most experienced senior staff for promotions. Ms. Garland is on record as identifying our longstanding and successful “promote from within” philosophy as being terrible and that SECU “needed new blood.” Tell that to our employees who would like to build a career at SECU as their skills, experiences and expertise increase. Grow our own managers and hire outside expertise when necessary was a strength; not a weakness. It resulted in highly qualified, seasoned and experienced employees who served our members exceptionally well. https://secuvote.ey.com/
3) The Board repeatedly supported the lie that our computer systems hadn’t been improved, enhanced, or replaced since 1983. Another example of denigrating the excellent work and reputations of over 500 current IT employees and those who preceded them. They were constantly making improvements over many decades. They deserve huge praise; not private and public criticism and ridicule. It’s shameful that the Board supported this public propaganda. Let’s turn the lie around and assume it was true. Shouldn’t “This Board” be fired for not improving member service delivery systems for decades? https://secuvote.ey.com/
4) The Board put in place the abomination that is credit-scored interest rate setting on vehicle loans and plan to put the same scheme in place on mortgage and consumer loans. This discriminatory “industry standard” practice has already hurt thousands of members and their
families. We can and should stop this practice immediately. It is unnecessary and cold-hearted. SECU was formed to provide fair and reasonable rates to ALL members; not punish the many, to benefit the few. The simple solution is to lower the interest rates for ALL. https://secuvote.ey.com/
5) The Board refused to renegotiate the contract between SECU and Local Government FCU (LGFCU) to continue providing access to SECU branches/ATMs/Contact Center/Back Office services. This arrangement benefited the members of both credit unions for 40 years. The Board is booting out LGFCU and disenfranchising 400,000 LGFCU members. This will also eliminate $55 million a year in income ($550 million over the next 10 years) to SECU. These funds could be used to sustain, upgrade and replace SECU software and hardware systems. LGFCU members would continue to get access to branches and other services; SECU members would receive financial support to defray the cost of investments in systems and the personnel it takes to operate them. The win-win that this has proven to be over decades will become a lose-lose for all members of both credit unions. https://secuvote.ey.com/

The current Board will not make needed changes in culture, products, pricing, services and fairness to our Employees and Members. They are good people who have selected the wrong direction for SECU members. We need to return to our roots and elect new Directors. https://secuvote.ey.com/

Spread the word to family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and other SECU members using all of your social media accounts. Ask them to do the same. Provide the voting link from the SECU website or below. Current and future SECU members are depending on us! https://secuvote.ey.com/

Thank you!
Mike Lord
46 Year SECU Employee
Retired as CEO in August 2021

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