Wednesday, November 1, 2023

SECU - Risk-Based Lending - Anything Wrong With "A-Paper" Rates For Everyone? #3  Hope in #1 and #2 we've agreed that all members prefer lower rates to higher rates and that SECU's past, present, and future success does not require the use of RBL. SECU has always been "profitable" without RBL - that's a track record of 85+ consecutive years.

Let's try a personal question for you as a member. Simple, easy one. If you qualified for an "A-paper" loan rate at SECU, which was the best rate in the market - so you were getting the best "loan deal" possible; would you object to any other members receiving the same rate?

You've got the best loan rate possible for you! Any harm to you in your fellow members also receiving that same great rate? Their great rate will not affect your great rate in any way.

If you receive the best "A-paper loan rate" in the market, why would you object to other members also succeeding at no cost to you? 

Look forward to your comments! No "yes-butts", please!

... What happened to the "Golden Rule"?