Saturday, June 3, 2023

A Member Comment Well Worth Its Own Post... curious as to why Mr. Hayes was such a standout in the eyes of This Board and why This Board continues to stake their reputations on him? Even though Members, Employees (current and retired) have been trying to warn you of the consequences already being felt by members and employees from this one decision. Whether This Board likes it or not, his CFO position at the time of Wescorp's failure is a big deal to the average SECU Member. Just reading the comments and hearing the concern in the employees' statements on this blog, noticing a difference within my local branch, seeing services we once had taken away - all these things have gotten my attention. 

My accounts have been with the credit union over 25 years, I have experienced the difference between SECU and my former bank - I am not not willing to give up the personal service SECU provides. When you see a company declining in so many areas, first place you look to is the leadership. 

So I did some research on my own this morning. Read everything on Wescorp, understand the outrage considering our credit union had to cover some of the cost of crooked Wescorp employees and now we have a former Wescorp employee as CEO. Wanting to be open minded I decided to see what I could find on Andrews Federal Credit Union. My first search, gave me all I needed to know. With all the talented, trained leaders our Credit Union has invested in for so many years within SECU walls, This Board ignored them for the CEO position and chose Hayes?

See below from Google search: I asked the question how many employees does Andrews Federal Credit Union have and this is the exact copied answer:
"How many Employees does Andrews Federal Credit Union have? Andrews Federal Credit Union has 57 employees.Mar 16, 2023"

Hayes' credentials that made him SECU Board's choice above all others after a nationwide search was Wescorp and his most recent stint managing 57 people as CEO of Andrews Federal Credit Union? In 2021 at the time of Hayes hiring, I think SECU employed 6000 or more people. How do you say out of your league respectfully?

At this point, I will say Chris Ayers, you and your board members set this guy up for failure. Did you really think in 2021, SECU staff and retirees and Members would take this one lying down? Easy to see This Board's goals were to outsource our credit union's North Carolina jobs, give us Members no choice but digital and phone services and dismantle SECU piece by piece. This Board needs to immediately stop wasting our credit union money, stop taking away our services and stop allowing credit union employees to be harassed by Hayes and Brady's new hires.

North Carolina State Employees will not give up their credit union and will not let 11 individuals destroy SECU.

..."Other than that [or "This"!] Mrs. Lincoln, what did you and the President think about the play?"