Friday, October 20, 2023

SECU - Just When You Thought It Couldn't Get Any Worse...

CUToday is the premier credit union-focused newspaper in the U.S. 

Frank Diekmann, the editor, has been around for decades and is known for informed, balanced reporting on credit unions. Think his article on SECU today [link to CUToday article]  reflects that informed balance. The paper is read by every professional in the CU space... everybody will be watching for the "What next at SECU?".

✅ Hope you will take a particularly hard look at the Leigh Brady quote about the Annual Meeting speeches.  [Those comments are untrue - period!]

👉 Excerpt - Ms. Brady's direct quote: "Questions & The October Annual Meeting"

"The recent annual meeting and what occurred or didn’t occur has become another point of contention. During the meeting, held in Greensboro, N.C., dozens of members stood up and took to the microphones to make statements or ask questions of the board. That much everyone agrees on. The disagreement is over whether the members asking those questions were doing so on their own or whether they were put up to it. 

A video of the meeting can be viewed here. The member questions began at the 1:29:50 point.

“… Let me be clear on that group of members; 28 of those 32 were SECU retirees,” said Brady. “These were members where Blaine gave them a sheet of paper and said ‘You read this.’ And gave the next one a sheet of paper and said, ‘Now you read this.’ They were holding papers where Blaine gave them talking points. And they were supposed to stand up during the comment section and read their comments.”

Brady said she knows for a fact that is what occurred."

✅ Thought you should see this because I believe Ms. Brady's quote is beyond the pale. As noted in this article and others, SECU and Ms. Brady would like to portray the election results and the continuing member discord as a conflict between me and Leigh - it isn't, never has been.

Rather than reading yet another blog post, I hope that those 28 members who Ms. Brady implies were somehow there at the Annual Meeting "as a puppet" will write to the SECU Board and Ms. Brady and ask for "an explanation"  - which probably should be provided by SECU on bended knee with a plea for mercy - or with a plea of insanity! 
The insult in the quotes is directed at those 28 members, as much as at me. I don't think the speakers (especially the ladies!) will miss that fact. Would suspect this might get "brutal", with some very specific "expletive deleted-type" remarks for SECU!
Stay tuned... with all this mess "going tabloid" I'm expecting a job offer from "The National Enquirer" at any moment...

  As I said at the Annual Meeting: "Mr. Ayers, what started out as a polite resolution at last year's Annual Meeting has, to me, evolved into something far more sinister over the last 12 months. My concern was first triggered as I watched you struggle to find a truthful answer to that simple question. [Offer to merge with LGFCU] 

Why telling the SECU membership the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth has become so difficult for this Board remains a mystery to me.

It's an unforced error, an abuse of power, a black eye on the reputation of a fine institution - and each of its employees and members."