Thursday, May 23, 2024

SECU Risk-Baby Lending: 3-Tiers! The Judgement Of Solomon? ... 3-Tiers, 3-Cheers?

The Judgement of Solomon is a Biblical story in which King Solomon ruled between two women who both claimed to be the mother of a child. Solomon ordered the baby be cut in half, with each woman to receive one half. The first woman accepted the compromise as fair, but the second begged Solomon to give the baby to her rival, preferring the baby to live, even without her. Solomon ordered the baby given to the second woman, as her love was selfless, as opposed to the first woman's selfish disregard for the baby's actual well-being.

By "cutting the baby in half" - from 5-tiers to 3-tiers - did the SECU Board really make a wiser decision? 

Or does the decision "to split the difference" simply continue support for a prior SECU Board's "selfish disregard for the actual well-being" of the SECU membership?

  ... does half wrong, make it right?