Thursday, August 3, 2023

About Those Recent "Cover Of Darkness" SECU "This Board" Bylaw Ammendments -

🔆 Get ready for this one, it represents a "new low" and will be potentially ...

Here is a link to the whole mess if you want to check it out [link SECU bylaw ammendments]. Would strongly suggest you read these changes, your rights as a member-owner have been severely impaired and limited by "this Board" with these changes - it's no joke folks!

✅ Here are your culprits! The SECU "This Board" legal team...

Ayers, Sanford & Wooten, LLC  [Looks Like Collusion!] representing....

Chris Ayers ImageJo Anne SanfordMcKinley Wooten, Jr. Image

Your best interests as the member-owners of SECU?

Their best interests as the member-owners of SECU?

🔆 12 questions to consider while you wait for a little more information: 

  1. Did you provide any prior notice to SECU members of proposed amendments? [Nope]
  2. What was your rush in adopting these bylaw amendments? [Guess!]
  3. Why did you wait until 6/27/2023 to pass these bylaw amendments?
  4. Why did you put them immediately in effect 6/30/2023? [Starting to get that whiff of skunk?]
  5. You have changed the time, place, voting rights, order of business at the Annual Meeting, why was that necessary? [Yep, it really is that bad!]
  6. The amendments effectively eliminate the ability of members to object to these changes, is that just? [Justice and fairness remain a novelty it seems.]
  7. The Administrator of Credit Unions generally takes up to 60 days to approve bylaw amendments, how did you get that done overnight? [Approved at SECU Board meeting night of 6/27/2023, in effect 6/30/2023!]
  8. Did your rush have anything to do with the retirement of the former Administrator on 6/30/2023? [Starting to look a bit sleazy isn't it.] 
  9. Why did you wait three weeks to inform the SECU members of these changes? [Check your Election Procedures schedule...]
  10. Why are you afraid of the SECU membership? [Wooten is quoted as such!] 
  11. Why won't you tell the SECU membership the truth? [Won't hurt, promise - might help!] 
  12. Are all 11 of the SECU Board members supporting this most likely illegal and definitely unethical assault on the SECU membership? [One would hope that some of the non-LLC Board members, at least, would have a stronger moral compass, but maybe not.} 

... think the old saying goes... have you no shame?