Thursday, August 3, 2023

About Those Recent "Cover Of Darkness" SECU "This Board" Bylaw Ammendments -

🔆 Get ready for this one, it represents a "new low" and will be potentially ...

Here is a link to the whole mess if you want to check it out [link SECU bylaw ammendments]. Would strongly suggest you read these changes, your rights as a member-owner have been severely impaired and limited by "this Board" with these changes - it's no joke folks!

✅ Here are your culprits! The SECU "This Board" legal team...

Ayers, Sanford & Wooten, LLC  [Looks Like Collusion!] representing....

Chris Ayers ImageJo Anne SanfordMcKinley Wooten, Jr. Image

Your best interests as the member-owners of SECU?

Their best interests as the member-owners of SECU?

🔆 12 questions to consider while you wait for a little more information: 

  1. Did you provide any prior notice to SECU members of proposed amendments? [Nope]
  2. What was your rush in adopting these bylaw amendments? [Guess!]
  3. Why did you wait until 6/27/2023 to pass these bylaw amendments?
  4. Why did you put them immediately in effect 6/30/2023? [Starting to get that whiff of skunk?]
  5. You have changed the time, place, voting rights, order of business at the Annual Meeting, why was that necessary? [Yep, it really is that bad!]
  6. The amendments effectively eliminate the ability of members to object to these changes, is that just? [Justice and fairness remain a novelty it seems.]
  7. The Administrator of Credit Unions generally takes up to 60 days to approve bylaw amendments, how did you get that done overnight? [Approved at SECU Board meeting night of 6/27/2023, in effect 6/30/2023!]
  8. Did your rush have anything to do with the retirement of the former Administrator on 6/30/2023? [Starting to look a bit sleazy isn't it.] 
  9. Why did you wait three weeks to inform the SECU members of these changes? [Check your Election Procedures schedule...]
  10. Why are you afraid of the SECU membership? [Wooten is quoted as such!] 
  11. Why won't you tell the SECU membership the truth? [Won't hurt, promise - might help!] 
  12. Are all 11 of the SECU Board members supporting this most likely illegal and definitely unethical assault on the SECU membership? [One would hope that some of the non-LLC Board members, at least, would have a stronger moral compass, but maybe not.} 

... think the old saying goes... have you no shame?


  1. They are beyond shame at this point. More like sinister intend.
    I don't think anything will get resolved until they are sued and held liable for their dirty deeds.

  2. Please somebody sue. Would give a lawyer a chance to depose them under oath.

  3. Takes a LOT of $$$$$$ to do that

    1. and they know that, they are going to use the members money to defend themselves. Best to vote these 3 out for starters...

  4. Rose Connor was the previous administrator. Looks like part of the collusion from here. No to be confused with Kristina Ray for whom their is still hope that she will do the right and just thing.

  5. I just do not understand what’s in it for them!!

    1. "The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?"

  6. Wow! When something stinks this much there is something baaaad going on! No lame duck administrator should be granting such decisions. Shame on her, too!

  7. Do you still have faith in these leaders to "Do the Right Thing"? asking for a friend ...

  8. "Have the courage to say no. Have the courage to face the truth. Do the right thing because it is right. These are the magic keys to living your life with integrity."
    W. Clement Stone

    Does this board live a life of integrity? Pretty important quality in their position. Without it nothing else really matters.

  9. Smaller NC credit unions couldn't even get the former aministrator to return a call let alone approve something overnight.

  10. In banking we call it regulatory capture. The regulator effectively works for the credit union in stead of impartial oversight.

  11. Can State Auditor look at this overnight approval

  12. are you able to break down these changes and what they mean? I see the timing and procedure as worrisome; what about the changes themselves?

  13. classic Inside Job ....

  14. no class Inside Job