Thursday, August 31, 2023

Alice Garland Is In "An Unusal Situation" - Got That Part Right At Least! Alice Garland is one of the SELF-PERPETUATING NOMINEES for the SECU Board. As you can see from this morning's email below, Ms. Garland finds herself in an "unusual situation" - being held accountable by the SECU membership. Evidently, Ms. Garland doesn't like that!

😎 From: Alice Garland
Subject: NC State Employees Credit Union Board
Date: August 31, 2023  AM EDT
To: "xxxxxx"
 I am in an unusual situation and I am requesting your help.
 You may not know that I am Vice Chair of the State Employees Credit Union (SECU) Board of Directors. In October, I am slated to become the chair. Three board members are up for reelection – Jo Ann Sanford, Thomas Parrish and myself. For the first time in decades, this will be a contested election.

A former SECU CEO is working hard to unseat the three of us. Much of his campaign is the spread of misinformation, and quite frankly, untruths. **** He has 1) painted the three of us as really bad people who need to be removed from the Board. He has made it clear that he is unhappy with the forward-looking changes that the board is making, including: 2) updating IT; 3) instituting more digital options; 4) adding tier-based lending which is the standard among credit unions; 5) and more.

Consequently, I am asking (if you are an SECU member) for you to vote for the three of us.

Second, I am asking that you 6) spread the word about this election among family, co-workers, neighbors and friends.

This is a really important election. We likely will need upwards of 10,000 member votes to remain on the board. May I count on your help?

NOTE: Beginning tomorrow, September 1, and through October 3, you can vote online.

I sincerely appreciate your support and your vote. I wish you the very best.

Alice Garland 


😎 Some thoughts on Ms. Garland's email:

 **** Can't say for sure who "the former CEO" is but I'm pretty sure Ms. Garland means Mike Lord  (could be wrong...😎) 

1) Believe Mike Lord's critique of Ms. Garland and the SECU Board has not been about "bad people", but about "bad judgment". SECU's performance over the last 2 years seems to support Mr. Lord's point!

2) "unhappy about updating IT" - believe Mike Lord has supported updating IT , but has strongly objected to the now ex-CEO lying in the Triangle Business Journal about no tech changes at SECU "since 1983". Ms. Garland remained silent in support of that lie which is probably why "the former CEO" got angry.

3) "unhappy with more digital options" - can't find any reference, anywhere that Mike Lord is opposed to more digital options - neither can Ms. Garland!

4)  "adding tiered-based lending" - Yes, Mike Lord is against race-based lending, red-lining, and unfair discrimination .  One would have hoped Ms. Garland was too.

5) "and more."....  yes, there are many signs of bad judgment at work with Ms. Garland on the Board. 

6) "among family, co-workers, neighbors, and friends" -  Ms. Garland might want to review and update who is on her email list!

😎 [Not sure "The Duck" should be a first recipient, Ms. Garland.]