Friday, August 25, 2023

SECU Board Election Cycle - How Can It Get Worse?

Here how! "This Board's" new rules for the SECU Annual Membership Meeting [announced today - 8/25/2023]:

[All, of course, adopted without SECU member - your - approval.  Of course! Whose credit union is it anyway?!]



The Bylaws of SECU provide that the Chairman shall preside at all meetings of members and that the business, format and conduct of meetings of members shall be subject to such policies and procedures as the Board of Directors may adopt for the proper conduct of meetings. In accordance with Article VIII §§ 3 and 6 of the Bylaws, the Board of Directors has adopted the following Meeting Rules of Conduct and Procedure (the "Meeting Rules") for the 2023 Annual Meeting. 

 Rule 1. Subject to such deviations as the Chairman may, in his discretion, approve, the order of business for the Annual Meeting shall be as provided in the notice of the Annual Meeting. 

Rule 2. Attendance during the Annual Meeting shall be limited to members and authorized SECU staff or guests. Before entering the meeting, members will be required to preregister or register at the reception desk and, if requested, show a valid form of identification and provide identifying information sufficient for SECU to confirm the membership of the individual. 

Rule 3. Voting shall be conducted using the electronic voting platform being utilized for the 2023 Annual Meeting or, in the discretion of the Chairman, paper ballots. Ernst & Young LLP will tabulate the voting results in the election of directors. Voting results will be announced during the Annual Meeting and posted on SECU's website as soon as practicable following the meeting. 

Rule 4. The rules contained in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised (12th Edition) shall govern the Annual Meeting in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with the SECU Bylaws and these Meeting Rules. 

Rule 5. Up to one hour will be set aside during the meeting for comments from members. 

Rule 6. Before a member can speak, the member must seek recognition from the presiding officer. Upon recognition, members shall provide their name and city of residence and then make their comments. All comments should be directed to the Chairman. 

Rule 7. To permit as many members to make comments as possible, and to conclude the meeting within a reasonable time, no member may speak more than twice on the same day or longer than two (2) minutes each time, without permission of the Chairman. No member is entitled to the floor if another member who has not spoken desires to speak. Unused time may not be yielded to another member. Due to time constraints, we cannot assure that we can recognize every member who desires to make a comment. 

Rule 8. No substantive motions shall be permitted from the floor other than those provided in the notice of the meeting. [This one alone should scare the devil out of you!]

Rule 9. In accordance with SECU Bylaws Article IX § 2, in the event there is only one nominee for any office, that nominee shall be declared elected by acclamation.

Rule 10. No materials, other than materials approved in advance by SECU, may be distributed at the Annual Meeting.  

Rule 11. Phones shall be turned off or placed in silent mode. Unauthorized videoing or recording of the Annual Meeting is prohibited.


..."This Board" is looking a bit pre-WWII "Germanic", don't you think? 

                  Board of Directors Group Image 

                                         ..."der Vorstand"


SECU Board Election Cycle - SECU Members Will Have Choices In 2023 Board Elections THE GOOD NEWS: 

✅ First Notice to Self-Nominees:

"From: Board Corporate Secretary <>

Date: Fri, Aug 25, 2023 at 9:44 AM
Subject: RE: SECU Board of Directors Interview Scheduling
To: <>

 Ms. Perkins,

 This is to confirm that you have met the requirements of the self-nomination process, and your name will be placed on the ballot for the SECU Board of Directors election.  

Thank you,"

The Not So Good News:

[Here's a "news flash" update, part of the information has just been posted on the SECU website [link]]

✅ "This Board" still has not released:

  1. the official ballot (absentee and online),
  2. the official voting procedures, 
  3. the rules and protocols the "election facilitator" (Ernst &Young) will use to administer voting,
  5. how members can confirm their votes have been received and correctly tallied,
  6. the time and order of business for the 2023 Annual Membership Meeting,
  7.  the electronic voting procedures at the Annual meeting
✅ .... remember "this Board" unilaterally amended the SECU bylaws on 6/3/2023 to give themselves free-reign over the Annual meeting... with "this Board"'s track record - expect the worst.
... what can be "worse" ...?