Saturday, May 6, 2023

Making Yourself Heard In The N.C. Senate - Check Out New "Designed To Deceive" Click Box Above 

A wonderful chance for a fair hearing on H. 410, ... if you'll take the time right now to make sure your voice is heard.

H. 410 has been sent to the Senate Rules Committee for additional consideration. If you wish to express your views on the future of state chartered credit unions in North Carolina, now is the time!

To send an email to the Chair of the Senate Rules, Senator Rabon - with cc all committee members - find the "How To" in the 5/4/2023 post. Please note you should send a copy to your personal Senator also - learn how to find who that is in the same post.

There are a wealth of serious problems with H. 410 and the deception used to push the bill forward - under-informing and intentionally misleading our representatives. Have consolidated discussions about those issues under one category above - "Designed to Deceive". Browse through, make your choices.


✔ Designed to Deceive #6 - Adding "s" eliminating "or" - these changes provide unlimited, open membership, including commercial businesses nationwide.

Designed to Deceive #5 - unlimited commercial lending - including unsecured - within and outside of North Carolina.  

Designed to Deceive #4 - overturns N.C. Supreme Court 1981 decision affirming statutory limitations on credit union membership.

Designed to Deceive #3 - Creates fictitious "financial deserts" in North Carolina based on "concocted analyses" of 2,195 census tracts. Pure unadulterated "bull-hockey". 

Designed to Deceive #2 - Creates "widow and orphans" groups to be served - most of which are "thrown under the bus" and eliminated  as bill evolves. CCUL refuses to accept mandate requiring these groups be served.

Designed to Deceive #1 - Here are broader key points: H. 410 provides open membership, full commercial lending, no requirement to serve either North Carolina, nor folks of modest means.

Clearly false claims such as permitting safe deposit boxes, electronic funds transfers, federal parity which have long been in N.C. law.

✔ Astro-turfing/Clowns - CCUL using pre-written, pre-filled out letters to falsify level of support.

✔"Just Minor Updates" - H. 410 clearly isn't minor -  deceptive bill from the "get go".

✔ There is unusual level of opposition to H. 410 from smaller N.C. credit unions and past longtime credit union leaders and supporters. Ask them why?

Majority of member-owners of North Carolina credit unions were not represented "at the table", when H. 410 was misconceived. 

✔ H. 410 will lead to North Carolina funds, jobs, and capital being sucked out of both rural and urban counties; it has already started.

✔ If North Carolina credit union laws need to be rewritten, H. 410 is a poor effort, unfavorable to North Carolina citizens and pushed forward in an underhanded manner. 

Give you some ammunition....? 

Or simply write:

 "Ref: H. 410, STOP THIS (insert appropriate noun)!

... now or never... ready, aim, fire!