Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Waiting For Godot?


Several of you have asked for an update on progress with the investigation of SECU by the N.C. Credit Union Division. Ms. Kristina Ray is the newly appointed Administrator. 

As noted in the 8/5/2023 post [link to post], we wrote Ms. Ray asking for an opportunity to meet again with her (and Ms. Badwan from the AG's Office) to further discuss her views and potential options. 

It appears irrefutable [rhymes well with disreputable!] that the SECU Board has violated the credit union's bylaws and is conducting an illegal election. A situation which the Credit Union Division is required by N.C. state law to correct.

Here's the latest response:

😎 Still hoping this is not a "Waiting for Godot" play [❓here's your link].

 "... they make the tenuous assumption that there must be some point to their existence, and they look to Godot for enlightenment. Because they hold out hope for meaning and direction..."

... it's not just 2 people waiting, it's 2.7 million people waiting!