Friday, June 14, 2024

SECU In La-La Land?... Alice Meets Pinocchio?


"Alice’s" physical ["fiscal"] appearance changes after drinking from the ["industry standard"] bottle labeled “Drink Me”!

"When Alice ("The We") "drinks up", she must navigate a much larger, unforgiving world filled with mock turtles and mad hatters. One of the key aspects of Alice’s changing size is its direct correlation to her loss of any true sense of self-identity (low rates, RBL, just another "bank")."



Alice's Growth Rate: +10.31% *     Real Growth Rate:  +00.4% (less than 1/2%)

    * Remember to reduce the April, 2024 assets by the $5 billion Federal Reserve "Cheshire Cat Loan"!

"When Alice grows taller, she is faced with a loss of control over her surroundings (especially lending!) and a feeling of being overwhelmed by the world (surging costs, loan losses and delinquency). This reflects the challenges that individuals face when they experience a rapid shift and loss in their identity (from "unicorn" to "not sure what")."

The Real #'s:   April, 2023 - $50.474 billion    April, 2024 - $ 50.676 billion   

"Conversely, when Alice becomes smaller, she is confronted with feelings of insignificance and powerlessness.  The disorienting nature of Alice’s changes in size mirrors the confusion and uncertainty that adolescents often feel; unsure about what to do next... (when they've arrived at the end of a blind alley)."

Or who knows; maybe they're just drinking "Kool-Aid" and eating mushrooms like Alice!