Monday, May 29, 2023

AI Chatbox Folks Deny Authorship Of SECU Board "DMW" Letter, Point Blame At Virtual Reality Representative A tersely worded message has been received from the AI Chatbot folks, disclaiming responsibility for the recent SECU Board "Dead Man Walking" letter to "All employees" and Advisory Boards. The message stated clearly that the content of the DMW letter did not meet AI benchmarks for re-fabrication, logical consistency, or verifiable message value. "This document contains prolific poppycock, is not the work of an intelligent robot, and is not up to "industry standards"!"

Not real sure how one apologizes to an AI robot. And, who knew a robot could get insulted, when inappropriately linked to lesser quality work? Maybe I should ask the bot to write itself a suitable letter of apology? Would that work? Still own a flashlight, use a rotary dial phone and listen to AM-radio, so not sure how to navigate this new technology. [...still stuck in 1983, y'know.]

The message did go on to explain that AI Chatterbox not only could create all sorts of documents, but could also analyze, decipher, and "reverse engineer" a document, tracking back to identify the most likely authorship - and had done so!. [Who knew that?!]

"Our research has identified - with a high degree of certainty - that the author is an individual who is an expert in the field of virtual reality ["the inordinate focus on technology to create an artificial illusion of the real world"]. We believe the author to be...