Saturday, September 23, 2023

From Mr. Mike Taylor - President Of NCRGEA - Following Up With His Board...

  😎 Looks like NCRGEA is as "leaky" as SECU - awkward at times, but helps with transparency and the truth for the members.... [here's where you can find this letter on their website!]


✅ Mr. Taylor, in mid-September, writes a cautionary note to his Board about their endorsement letter. He particularly asks the board to take time to read the SECU strategic plan since: "That strategic plan is really what we endorsed."


"Good afternoon.

On Friday, September 1, our Board met in a called session and voted to endorse the three candidates for the SECU Board of Directors submitted by their Board nominating committee. I thought we had a good discussion about why NCRGEA should be involved in the SECU BOD election. Many of our members (many of us) are long-time members of SECU, and a sound and viable credit union is important to them (and us). That endorsement, in the form of a letter, was sent out in a mailer to our members.

Now, I am asking you to do several things in regard to our endorsement: (1) SECU, in December of 2022, published their strategic plan. I encourage you to visit their website and read that plan, Leading with Care: Our Vision for the Future. That strategic plan is really what we endorsed. [...two weeks earlier.] You may be asked why NCRGEA is involved in this BOD election for another organization. Knowing about their strategic vision is a good answer to that inquiry! (2) Also, make sure, if you are an SECU member, to vote and reach out to friends who might also be eligible and ask them to vote for the three candidates we endorsed. 

Alice and I have been members of the Credit Union for over 40 years, and we voted for the first time ever last week.This week we held our first of three conferences (Statesville, Durham and Greenville) over the next two weeks. We are expecting some blowback from a few NCRGEA members about this endorsement. We are prepared to answer any questions about our endorsement, but not in a public forum at these meetings. 

Please remember you are invited to attend any and all of these conferences. We have strong pre-registration for all three and expect good turnouts.  

Finally, I am reminding everyone about your responsibilities as a board member in regard to confidentiality. Comments, discussions, and e-mails regarding this and any topic the Board considers are not for public consumption. [... if so, you might want to delete this letter from the website!] PS... Copies of both the letter of endorsement and frequently asked questions were attached to the Friday Finale last week. In the event you have already deleted that edition, I am asking Sara to send copies to all Board members.

 Mike Taylor,  NCRGEA President "


... if you tried to make this stuff up, nobody would believe you!