Thursday, April 25, 2024

SECU's "New Improved" Risk-Based Lending Increases Chances For A Quick Decision...

😎  Heard about the new risk-based lending (RBL) policies and procedures just introduced by your Credit Union? [link] No, didn't think so.

Like most of the "member enhancements" introduced by the SECU Board over the last two years, these new rules and limitations are so wonderful that the Legacy Board evidently doesn't want to tell you about them! 

Must be part of that "new/new", industry standard marketing focus. Guess its "Don't tell, don't ask"?!

Here's a graphic of the new policies and limitations :

                A Rube Goldberg design? 

 ✅ Here's the new application process:  

✅ Here's the quick decision more members are likely to receive:  ...  "enhanced" again! 

✅ Don't you feel it?


... can't wait for "the spin"!