Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Independent Nominating Committee Selected For 2024 SECU Board Elections!  ... But don't hold your breath!

🐱 From SECU Corporate Secretary::  Thank you for your inquiry regarding the names and bios of the Nominating Committee members.  Members of the Nominating Committee are:


  1. Chuck Stone, Committee Chair, Current SECU Board Member
  2. Chris Ayers, Current SECU Board Member
  3. Jennifer Haygood , Current SECU Board Member
  4. Ben McLawhorn, Current SECU Member
  5. Mona Moon, Curent SECU Board Member
  6. Jim Johnson, Former SECU Board Member
  7. Amaka Flynn, At-Large Member
  8. Jennifer Willis, At-Large Member

  ... it's incumbent on the Committee to search diligently.