Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Hey, Here's An Innovative Idea For "This Board" To Consider For SECU Members...


😎 Since "This" Board wants so desperately for SECU to be "Industry Standard"*.... https://secuvote.ey.com/

😎 ... "This" Board  can learn how to provide tax prep services to SECU members at the seminar on September 7, 2023. [Granted the seminar is not in Hawaii or Duck, N.C., but ... !] https://secuvote.ey.com/


...might be funny except for the 100,000 SECU tax prep members who "This" Board  imperially threw under the bus when it canned the tax prep service in 2022!


* "industry standard"- idiom, n., definition: to be neither better nor worse, middle-ish, average, halfway between good and bad, "C-paper"; for synonym see: mediocre. Often used as a substitute for original thought in strategic plans.