Monday, July 17, 2023

SECU Board Election Cycle - Last Chance To Apply, if you've been considering throwing your hat in the ring for a spot on the SECU Board, its time to put 'r up or shut 'r up! The deadline to apply is Thursday, July 20, 2023. 

✅ You can still request a candidate application package via email  And, you can submit it on-line or by mail (would assume you need to assure the postmark is no later than 07/20/2023).

 ✅ The package is 32 pages long and most would say "designed to discourage" you. But, despite the lengthy, self-important yack and massive bloviation, the truth is that any SECU member who is 18 years old and willing to serve is qualified to run!

It will only take you @10 minutes to complete the package if you don't get sucked into the "swamp trap of detail" the application infers is mandatory - it's not. Most of the questions are direct violations of the bylaws if used to exclude a member from becoming a candidate.

For example why would anyone be "required" to answer this question?

Transactions and various relationships between a Board member or their family and the SECU must be tracked in certain ways. This information would allow SECU to do that. Please list below all your immediate family members.  

The term “immediate family member” means the following: spouse, child, sibling, parent, grandparent, grandchild, stepparent, stepchild,step-sibling, adoptive relationships and any other persons living in the same residence as youand maintaining a single economic unit." 

✅ And, at the end of the day, does it really matter what you say in your application when "this Board" says this:

NOTE: The information in this Part 5 will be shared with the members if the candidate is nominated or self-nominates. 

Completion of this Part 5 is voluntary but if the candidate does not supply the requested information or the information does not comply with the instructions, there will be no Statement of Background for that member if the member is nominated or decides to self-nominate. The answers to these questions in Part 5 may not exceed 250 words in the aggregate for all four questions. 

The Nominating Committee reserves the right to exclude answers, or portions thereof, that are defamatory, exceed the word length, or fail to respond to the question or prompt posed. "

✅ As "this Board" said: "The Board has unanimously voted to adopt changes to SECU’s Board Election Policies and Procedures to empower member participation and increase Board of Director election transparency and security." 

 ✅ "Choose not to disclose" is an acceptable answer for most of the questions.  Nothing wrong with rating yourself  "5+" on every area, "well enough-educated", "been there done that" in business, "love the CU",  "I'm 18 and willing to serve, which is all you need to know."

✅ You can decide for yourself if "this Board" is trying to empower you or not. 

If you want to consider being self-nominated by your peers in the membership later in August - you should submit your package now.


Board of Directors Group Image 

"This Board": Democracy in action!


Not sure how much more empowerment we can stand y'all...