Thursday, March 14, 2024

Has The SECU "We Board" Seen The Light? Or Are "We" Up To Some More "Not So Good"?  ... as an eligible, qualified member find out.   

Invite Yourself!

Last year (2023), the SECU Nominating Committee violated the SECU Bylaws by refusing to permit an eligible, qualified member from seeking member-nomination as a candidate for the SECU Board of Directors. 

You have followed the difficult struggle - over the last nine months - to have the Administrator of Credit Unions or the North Carolina Credit Union Commission act to correct this violation of the SECU Bylaws  and North Carolina law - that stonewalling continues! 

✅ But now in the middle of the night - at 10:45pm, ("what's the rush"!) - comes the invitation below from the "We Board". Are "We" up to some not so good again, or are "We" finally correcting our illegal policy?

✅ Don't leave it to chance, contact your branch [list], call or contact: one of your advisory board members [], the "We" [], or the Chair, Ms. Mona Moon [] and request access to the WebEx meeting on March 19 or March 25 as an eligible, qualified - one member, one vote - SECU member-owner. 

The "We" said they wanted your input! As an equal SECU member, you deserve to have your say...and your seat at the table! 

😎 Sorry for the poor copy (it was the best of the many received!), you may have to print or enlarge for better clarity :


...  let me know if the "We" declares you "ineligible" to participate - again!