Sunday, June 4, 2023

Transformational Leadership At Work, Part 6...

                     "THIS BOARD":

Board of Directors Group Image

                              ...what y'all smiling about?

Chris Ayers Image Chris Ayer  Alice Garland Alice Garland Mona Moon Bob Brinson

Mark Fleming Image Mark Fleming Jennifer Haygood ImageJennHaygood

Ben McLawhorn Image Ben McLawhorn Image of Thomas Parrish the 4th Thomas Parrish

Jo Anne Sanford Jo Anne Sanford Stelfanie Williams Stelfanie Williams

McKinley Wooten, Jr. Image McKinley Wooten, Jr.




The SECU Membership's view of "this Board"...


A). 口 impressed, B. 口 depressed, C). 口 blessed, D). 口distressed, E). clueless F). ロ suppressed, 口 oppressed, 口 what a mess! 

Transformational Leadership At Work, Part 5... 

What's $120 million or so among "friends"? It's just [the members'] money ...



... another oxymoronicus: We got financially wounded by "friendly fire".