Sunday, June 4, 2023

Transformational Leadership At Work, Part 3...

                         ... "Wes-corpse" 2010 model!

...  a $6 billion 💀💀💀 zombie CU!


  1. I watched the documentary "Inside Job" yesterday. I was surprised at the deception and recklessness by leaders of the large financial institutions. But, even worse, was seeing them walk away with many millions of dollars with no repercussions. Who ends up paying?

    1. We pay. And the leaders of the failed financial institutions go out and wreck some more— like Hayes! Investment guru who’s using our money to export our cash out of state into risky real estate investments who knows where. Page 24 note 2 2022 NCSECU financial statement

    2. Hello 👋 BOD and Hayes! We clearly see what the f*** you are doing. Excuse the language, but it’s warranted. This is terrible and needs to be explained in one of your goofy emails. You are doing the same activity that burned WesCorp? Not only that, Mr. Blaine had us watch a documentary that outlines how the multinational bankers invested in risky Mortgage backed securities which is essentially what you did at WesCorp and now at SECU. God knows what went on at Andrew’s. How about you hop you in your little office and type us an email Monday about your past corruption and why you felt it was necessary to bring your buddy from Andrew’s to be the head of Internal Audit and why you are outsourcing the preparation of our financial statements. Be a good little CEO and hop on your computer Monday afternoon before 5:30pm and send us a good email about your crimes. Just curious on how you spin it at this point. Going to have the silly board write an email for you kissing your a** again? Or are you gonna go buy an article or an award to make yourself feel good after you’ve been picked on by your employees again:(?

  2. “It takes a lifetime to build a good reputation, but you can lose it in a minute.”

    ― Will Rogers