Wednesday, October 4, 2023

In Case You Are Planning On Attending The SECU Annual Meeting Next Week... The SECU Board has not provided any information to the SECU membership on the  "Member Feedback Forum" to be held at the 2023 Annual Meeting... guess they want to add to the suspense!

But, here are the instructions sent to SECU staff this morning about the "Member Feedback Forum":


"One hour has been designated for member feedback immediately following in-person voting. There will be two mic stands in the center aisle for the Member Feedback Forum. The Parliamentarian will give instructions to the audiences. There will be six mics positioned around the room, each one marked 1-6 for ease of the Chair to go sequentially to each member when it is their turn. Staff members will be positioned at each mic. Attendees will form around these stations to provide remarks. The Board Chair will lead this portion of the program, asking members to keep their remarks to 2 minutes. A time clock will start and restart once the the member starts speaking. The Chair will enforce the 2-minute rule and the A/V Team will cut a member's mic at that point. Since we will not have time for debate on issues, staff will have "fact sheets" available to debunk myths. The Chair can acknowledge feedback and in case of mistruths, verbally mention that we have a fact sheet available to set the record straight."


✅ The SECU Board changed the bylaws 6/30/2023 (3 months ago!) to assure SECU members - that means you and all 2.7 million SECU members - no longer have any opportunity to introduce "polite resolutions" nor make "substantive" motions at the Annual Meeting. If you haven't googled the word "substantive" recently, it means anything important or meaningful! 

😎 So, the SECU Board still welcomes members to attend the Annual Meeting, as long as you don't plan to do anything important or meaningful.

👉  We continue to ask the NC Credit Union Commission, the Credit Union Administrator, and the NC Attorney General's Office to abide by their statutory duty and enforce the law on behalf of 2.5 million North Carolina SECU members; and, equally important, on behalf of all credit union members in North Carolina. [see link 10/3 post]. Time is short!

The SECU Annual Meeting is October 10, 2023 a 1:00 pm, Koury Center, Greensboro.