Tuesday, October 17, 2023

SECU - Slogging On Into The CEO Remarks Swamp: Beware Of The "Croc"!


... now, now try to be fair, play nice!

😎 Back at it today unfortunately, responding to CEO Leigh Brady's remarks in a scolding memo to an Advisory Board member, as published in BusinessNC  [link to BNC article]. BTW, the AB member's reaction to Ms. Brady's dressing down was: "Well guess she set me straight. What a farce!" As a long term member she evidently was not buying Ms. Brady's: "I value your service to SECU...Thanks so much."

We have several more issues to discuss - election rules shenanigans, Duck (not the purple one!), this blog, unfairness, foot-in-mouth disease, etc - but while we're doing emails/texts, let's next take on the other half of that issue in Ms. Brady's posturing. 

Yesterday we took a look at my "refusal" to meet with the SECU Board, after the resolution was presented last year [link to 10/16 post]. Today it's my "refusal" to meet with newly appointed CEO Brady last June. Have actually already covered this text exchange in a prior blog post [here's the link], but here again is the complete text exchange:





That was it. Hope it is clear, that although I did challenge Ms. Brady's intentions, I did not refuse to meet with her at all. Never had the chance to really discuss meeting, as CEO Brady abruptly broke off the discussion...and never sought to re-initiate it. No problem, her choice. But it was her choice.

Will again leave it to you to decide what's fair. Would note, as I have mentioned on several occasions before; SECU is a very "leaky" organization, with a highly functioning "grapevine"! I actually had been "advised" in advance that Ms. Brady had indicated she was going to contact me and Mike Lord to try and "calm things down". Ms. Brady still doesn't quite grasp that almost everything she - and the SECU Board - has done and has said around SECU is basically "grapevine-public" information. Friends and allies are not always just that in these kind of situations. Worth remembering, especially in an "everybody-has-a-recorder/camera/cellphone" era! Not to mention those pesky, never disappearing texts and emails!

So, her text was not a surprise. Ms. Brady did meet with Mike Lord to discuss his opinions. I have never talked with Mr. Lord about that conversation, but it's not too hard to imagine - that given his fiery opposition to risk-based lending - RBL would have been near the top of his list of concerns. As we can all see, Ms. Brady unfortunately isn't listening to Mr. Lord, SEANC, nor SECU members on that one. Ms. Brady obviously knows what's best...

... kinda agree with the member about all this: "What a farce!"... or maybe "What a croc!"