Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Carolinas' Credit Union League Burnishes The Reputation Of All North Carolina Credit Unions With "Astro-Turfing" Campaign Yesterday, CEO Dan Schline and the Carolinas' Credit Union League asked you, your staff, and your members to send in "prewritten" and "prepopulated" email messages on H. 410 to your Representatives and Senators. In the political arena, that tactic is called an "astro-turfing" campaign - because it's not real "grassroots"! Get it?

And, you can imagine how your Reps/Senators view "astro-turfed" emails from you, your staff, and your members. Think they are fooled? Think they find you, your staff, and your members credible - or just silly?

Another nick-name for astro-turfing among professional political folks - who take politics and public policymaking deadly serious -  is "Calling In The Clowns"!

Aren't you glad that Mr. Schline and CCUL invited you, your staff, and your members "to the Circus"?!?


...make you (and your staff and your members!) feel funny?  Or just "look" funny?