Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Are "We" Too Aloof To Care, Too Blind To See?

 https://i.scdn.co/image/28dc9e43ffe5008a9e616794cfdc6b8085fb1558 ... RACE-BASED LENDING (RBL).

@NCCapitol : ✹✹✹ February 5, 2024 ✹✹✹ [link]

Major national bank to pay North Carolina $13.5 million for anti-Black, Hispanic discrimination

NC Attorney General Josh Stein and the Biden Administration won a multi-million-dollar settlement from First National Bank over Red-Lining, a Jim Crow era policy used to enforce de facto segregation in housing, still being practiced in Charlotte and Winston-Salem.
"Redlining is rooted in our nation's sordid history of racial segregation, and it harms communities of color by limiting equal access to credit and shutting off opportunities to build wealth via home ownership," 
"We are making it easier for everyone to have a fair shot at a better future," Stein said. "North Carolina's unfortunately all too familiar with the racial wealth gap. ... When lenders discriminate, it means hard working people can't buy a house, start a business or invest in their futures. People who are part of the fabric of their communities are then unable to put down their roots."
"The doors of opportunity must be open to all in North Carolina," said Stein.
The "Legacy 8 ", RBL SECU Board - "We Are SECU"?: Mona Moon, Chair, Stelfanie Williams, Vice-Chair, Jennifer Haygood, Sec-Treas, Chris Ayers, Bob Brinson, Mark Fleming, Ben McLawhorn, McKinley Wooten, Jr.

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  ... at SECU the most persistent question is: "What are you doing to others? ... and why, for God's sake?