Sunday, July 23, 2023

The SECU Board's Own "Legacy" Leadership - Bless Their Hearts (And Judgment!), Too.

 ✅ After 15 years of insolvency and litigation, the final wrap up on the 2008 Corporate Credit Union debacle is near according to the National Credit Union Administration  [link ncua]. 

As you'll note among all 28 corporate credit unions in 2008, only one created an unmatchable legacy for mismanagement and malfeasance ... WESCORP!


In case you can't read that clearly, after 15 years of insolvency resolution and law suits the net loss for Wescorp is -$3.440 billion. For all the other 27 corporate credit unions "the loss" is a net gain of +$264 million!

That's the "legacy leadership" [see "Transformational Leadership" series above] that "this Board" hired to lead SECU after a nationwide search...

 Bye, bye y'all...


 ... in "This Board's" judgment, the best person in all of the U.S. of A. to lead SECU and to protect the financial interests of its 2.7 million members.

  ... Well, Bless their hearts - and judgment, too! [and don't forget it either]!