Sunday, July 23, 2023

Fitz - SECU Board Hires Another Firefighter



Joyce Fitzpatrick is the President and Founder of Fitzpatrick Communications, Inc.with thirty years of experience helping clients use public relations to their advantage. Her special expertise is crisis communications. She serves on the Board of Directors for the School of Journalism and Mass Communications at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Another one of those "outside hires" by the SECU Board... she's really good, few better! And of course, very expensive....your money at work!  

For the SECU Board: What is "the crisis"? What is"the threat"? The members of SECU? 

... this isn't going to be as embarrassing as that Hannah-Jones thing [link H-J NYT] at the UNC School of Journalism, is it?




  1. "What we have here is a failure to communicate"
    Cool Hand Luke

  2. There's nothing new under the sun ....
    The lust for money and power turns good people bad ...
    It's been shown since the beginning of time.

  3. This just keeps getting worse. One can only hope and pray that things get turned around sooner then later.

  4. Didn't offer hiim tenure and he left for DC. Sounds familiar

  5. "If you want to know why so many organizations sink into chaos, look no further than their leaders’ mouths. "

    Where do I send my bill?

  6. It's hard to do damage control on continuing terrible judgement by this board. Hiring Jim Hayes destroyer of Westcorp Number 1 item. He's gone, but problems are multiplying--The proposed new/new bylaw changes to go into effect at the beginning of the annual meeting new number one. Wait, that may be tied with the new/new election procedures. oh wait, maybe with the way this board selected Brady? New COO to be outside hire? Gee, Fitzpatrick has her job cut out for her. Guess the best way to do it is to have Brady dissemble at all the meetings with staff and very select advisory boards?

  7. Telling the truth doesn't cost much.

    1. no, it doesn't. Why is it so difficult for this board and Brady to own what they are doing to NCSECU? Why pretend that it's the same organization it was for 85 years? why do Brady and this board need to hire APCO and Fitzpatrick to cover up what the new/new is doing to SECU? No answers from them...

  8. It's one thing to embarrass yourself in a meeting, but it's totally another thing to do it in front of your entire membership/state/nation!

  9. "People Helping People" and "Do the Right Thing" is not just a motto or catch phrase. It's what we are commanded to do! We are to take care of all our brothers and sisters and to give them a helping hand to lift them up NOT to hold them down or charge them more based on a credit score. You see we are a cooperative NOT a bank. We are a non-profit entitiy. We're not like the rest of the world. I don't know what part of that "they" don't get!!! Maybe "these" folks need to go back and retake the modules... starting with what a co-op is... or maybe there is another reason why they are doing what they are doing ... hmmmmm... let me gue$$ ...