Wednesday, June 7, 2023

SECU Transparency - Posting Financials. Asking The SECU CFO About The Rules Of The Road. Rex Spivey is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at SECU.  SECU enjoys an unblemished record of sterling financial performance, consistently affirmed by unqualified, "clean" CPA audit opinions.  An unblemished record of sound financial management, never tarnished by public scandal, nor regulatory sanction. Mr. Spivey is the long-time, rock solid, lead anchor for financial stewardship at SECU. Wrote to him recently... 


Dear Rex,

Thank you for helping my favorite friend, Jean Blaine, with her request for copies of the IRS tax report "990's" * for SECU for 2022 and for copies of the April 30, 2023 financials. Appreciate your courtesy and diligence as always.

Would like to follow up on the financials. What you provided was an abbreviated two-page "trend summary" of SECU's financial performance, which was helpful. I had hoped to receive the regular, full report normally published monthly in the past. Are these financial monthly reports still available to members? Or have restrictions been imposed?

Checked with former CEO Mike Lord to confirm that SECU financials were available to members under his administration, which was also my experience. He indicated that the financials were "published" internally to a data site available to staff - and could be printed off for members upon request. Is this still the acceptable practice at SECU?

The reason I ask for your help is that branch staff seem to be "hesitant" about readily providing this information. Seems to be some uncertainty about what "current policy" is on making financials available to member-owners. Would you please clarify? 

Additionally, there does not seem to be a set, committed schedule for timely publication of the reports. What is your anticipated, monthly publication target?

Again, thank you for your help, look forward to your response. As an aside, might I suggest that you publish the monthly financials on the SECU website? Go "digital"!  


Jim Blaine fair, publish his response! (OK, will do!) 


* IRS tax form 990  - State-chartered credit unions are required to file an annual form "990" (non-profit tax report) with the IRS. The 990 report covers financial information by various categories, board leadership listing, and executive salaries. A state-chartered credit union must provide - upon written request by any individual - the last 3 years (2022, 2021, 2020) 990's within 30 days of request.   

N. C. Senate Sends H. 410 - Credit Union "Updates" To The Showers?

 You're outta here.... 

 .... so far the Senate has refused to play ball. Bottom of the ninth, two outs, full count - pray for rain !!!! *

...  Supporters (you know who!) may get called out for unsportsmanlike conduct !


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