Monday, February 12, 2024

SECU: Consider This - Chapter 12: Esse Quam Videri - Creating A Unicorn,500&ssl=1  ... Esse Quam Videri!

 Is the State Motto of North Carolina: "To be, rather than to seem."

Nice idea isn't it. But, most of us have learned through painful experience to judge people not by what they say, but by what they do. Lots of folks are good at "putting on an act", aren't they. Some are so good at it in fact, they often get elected...

✅ Same holds true for credit unions. Many are not what they seem to be any longer

We've discussed that members have difficulty distinguishing their credit union from a  [see Chapter 3]! True business experts, like Michael Porter [see Chapter 11], tell us that if a business is not in some way uniquely different, it will not succeed. If as a restauranteur, you set out to match McDonald's, you'll lose. McDonald's "can do McDonald's" better than anyone else - including you! This "difference=success axiom" appears to be increasingly prophetic in today's "Amazonian, eat-what-you-kill, winner-take-all" business world. 

Certainly seems to work that way in banking. Did you know that the 4 largest banks - JPMChase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and Citibank - alone control @ 50% of all banking deposits in the U.S.? 10,000 + banks, S&Ls, and credit unions in the U.S. and just 4 banks dominate the game of of finance. Either Chase or BofA are larger than all U.S. credit unions combined.

So, you're going to "out bank these banks", out fry McDonald's, "tug on Superman's cape, spit into the wind, pull the mask off the ole Lone Ranger"... really? If so, as a credit union leader, you certainly are - what shall we say - too selfie-assured? misplaced a few marbles? dealing with a few untightened screws? too full of yourself, or perhaps something else? Can't wait to see your "strategic plan"!

Hopeless situation, throw in the towel? Time to seek a merger partner, who doesn't skimp on ex-CEO severance packages? Not at all! Why not try building a unicorn? That would be different ... and difference=success!

Perhaps it is simply time to cut the crap with the selfies, Super Bowl ads, and self-aggrandizement... and go to work, earning those best-in-organization pay packages! Actually do something different for the member-owners. Before it is too late...

                        "TO BE, RATHER THAN TO SEEM"!

... there's a lot at stake for members and employees are in play; their families are counting on you... make a future for them, make a difference.