Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Won't Get Fooled Again - By The Who - "Meet The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss"?

✅ You might be interested in this text conversation initiated by Ms. Leigh Brady on the evening of Wednesday, June 14, 2023. This is the complete conversation.



 ✅ Ms. Brady did not respond to the last observation.


✅  The last 2 years have been a broad-gauged disgrace for SECU, in terms of unprecedented - and unnecessary - harm to the membership and staff.  It is difficult to unbreak an egg once dropped.

✅ Hopefully, the members and staff won't get fooled again.... nor be cynically played for fools any longer!

If you don't mind getting dizzy here's the video on the song "Won't Get Fooled Again"! [link: Who's Next - "Won't Get Fooled Again"]

... be sure not to miss the potential warning message in the song at 3:13 !