Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Letter From Down East To Rep On H. 410 

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From: Rep. Steve Tyson <>
Sent: Apr 12, 2023 5:04 PM
To: Graves Vann <>
Subject: Re: House Bill H410


Hi Graves,
I will study it this weekend and get back with you. 

From: Graves Vann <>
Sent: Wednesday, April 12, 2023 9:57:27 AM
To: Rep. Steve Tyson <>
Subject: House Bill H410

Dear Mr. Tyson,

  As a long time member (46 years) and also a former employee ( 20 years ) of State Employee's Credit Union, I am strongly opposed to the passing of this bill. It appears that it would

call for the rewriting of North Carolina's current Credit Union laws and removing a number of the underlying authorizations that make Credit Unions unique and have worked well for 85 years.

Please review H410 and let me know your thoughts on this bill.


Graves Vann

4502 Country Club Rd.
Trent Woods, N.C. 28562




H. 410 - Credit Union Updates - Moves to House Banking Committee On April 20th  Well, if you've always wanted to put your 2 cents in on a piece of important legislation, here's your chance!  

H. 410 will be on the agenda for the House Banking Committee on Thursday, April 20, 2023 at 11:00 a.m. in the State Legislature. You can sign up to speak for 2 minutes through Ms. Michelle Kenny (see below). ....or you can also sign up to speak in the meeting room on April 20th.

North Carolina House of Representatives

Committee Meeting Notice


Bill Sponsor Notification

2023-2024 Session

You are hereby notified that the House Committee on Banking will meet as follows:


Thursday, April 20, 2023


11:00 AM


1228/1327 LB


Representative Matthew Winslow, Chair

The following bills will be considered:



HB 410
Credit Union Update.

HB 564
Second Amendment Financial Privacy Act.


Representative Matthew Winslow, Chair

For questions, please contact Michelle Kenny (Committee Assistant) at

     Or, just drop by to see if there will be any "fireworks" 🎆...


Example Of Member Email to State Rep And Response In Greensboro Area "Rep. Pricey Harrison" <>
Subject: Re: H. 410 credit union updates
Date: April 10, 2023 at 8:26:28 PM EDT
To: Jo Leimenstoll <>
Cc: "Mary Lee (Rep. Pricey Harrison)" <>

Thanks for this insight. 
Mary can you please flag for when the bill comes up? 

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On Apr 10, 2023, at 2:16 PM, Jo Leimenstoll <> wrote:

Dear Representative Harrison, 

I am one of your constituents in Guilford County and I am writing to encourage you to oppose H. 410 Credit Union Updates. The bill will impact over five million North Carolinians, who are members of credit unions and I do not believe this legislation is in our best interests. 

 As a UNCG Professor Emerita, I am a long-term member and supporter of the NCSECU whose motto has been “Do the Right Thing.” I believe in the principles that credit unions (versus banks) represent including limited membership requirements; a member-controlled, non-profit cooperative; and a primary focus on serving individuals of modest means.  Unfortunately, the proposed bill calls for unlimited membership for individuals and corporations and diminishes local, member-cooperative control. It also moves the focus away from serving North Carolina members of modest means and away from reflecting local priorities and needs.

 If you would like to learn more about the debate over credit unions in North Carolina (especially the State Employees’ Credit Union and Local Government Federal Credit Union), please take a look at this blog  

 I urge you to give serious consideration to H. 410 and the impact it would have on your constituents. Thank you for your ongoing service to and for our community. 


Jo Ramsay Leimenstoll



Jo Ramsay Leimenstoll


Contacting Your State Representatives About H. 410 Most of us don't keep up with North Carolina politics very closely - which is probably not wise. We show up to vote (well, mostly!) and that's about it. We're not too familiar with how our government works - or doesn't! Or even who our representatives actually are! And, if we want to be heard on an issue, we're not quite sure how to go about doing so. Mostly, we just mutter and gripe, then move on.

Well, if you are concerned about the provisions in H. 410 - "Credit Union Updates", lets try a simple walk through on how you can express your opinion:

 Where do I start?

  1. How do I keep track of the bill? [] is where you find out about the State Legislature. When you arrive at the homepage, look in the top right corner and enter... H410... to find the bill.
  2. You will arrive at the House Bill 410 tracking page. On the left side of the page you will find a commentary on the bill and some updates. If you click on "Edition 1" you'll find the most current copy of the bill. (Happy Reading!)
  3. On the right side of the page "Last Action" gives you the committees through which the bill must pass to reach a full house vote. (This gets updated as the bill progresses).
  4. On the right side of the page "Sponsors" tells who originally sponsored the bill (Howard, Bell) and a list of other representatives who have signed on to support. If you click on a sponsor name, you can get details of who the rep is and what district, etc. (try it!)
  5. "Attributes, Counties, Statutes, Keywords" are not important on this bill.
  6. At the bottom of the page you can track the progress of the bill in newest to oldest chronological order.
  7. H. 410 must pass in the House before it is sent to the Senate for consideration and a vote there also.
  8.  OK... got it?

What next?

 The one best thing you can do is send an email to your state house rep and to your state senator (remember these are state not federal reps/senators) and simply voice your opinion on H. 410.  (A one word "Yuk!" email works as well - or better! - than a 2 page rant! - but whatever be civil!)

  1. To find who your state rep and state senator are, go to the State Board of Elections site [link ncsbe].  Click on "Voter Search''. Enter your name and county in the search form and click search (this by the way is a great way to track down old high school flames if they still live in NC and are registered voters!)
  2. When your profile pops up, Click on your name. Under "Jurisdictions" look for your state rep district and state senate district. Write the district numbers down, if your memory is as bad as mine (or is that mind?)
  3. Now back to the State Legislature page [ Top left click on "House", next page click "Representation by County". When the county list pops up, click on your home county...then click on your rep (some counties have more than one rep which is why you wrote those numbers down, remember?) on your rep's name and the rep's profile will pop up, including email address, mailing address, phone # etc. 
  4.  Click on "Member's e-mail". Do your thing!   (There is a short sample email on the 4/5/2023 post - feel free to copy and paste!) Be sure to ask for a reply!
  5. Same process for Senate (on home page, click on "Senate" in upper left of page)
  6. You'll note there is also a "Find your Legislators" search function on the legislative site ( but you can't search for old flames there, so not as much fun...)
Good luck!  You're now a political activist - and it didn't hurt a bit, did it!