Tuesday, January 9, 2024

SECU: How Will Most Members View A 100% Increase In Investment Advisory Fees?

 😎 Believe most SECU members will view the surprise, 100% increase as another decline in service; and use unprintable phrases to express their appreciation...


✅ Here's what one member had to say:

"Here’s the letter. No tiers like most other advisors. Just a 100% increase in fees! That alone seems unheard of.

Just had conversation with my NCSECU financial advisor. Tried to justify it with “increased digital presence, better systems, more dedicated service by advisors, etc."
Sounds like they are trying to obviously compete with banks, even Fidelity and Schwab.  (Will fail miserably).
They are changing the very things that attracted us to the Credit Union to begin with.
We hold considerable assets there but are actively researching alternatives.

✅ Here's the personalized letter dated 1/3/2024 from CUIS (Credit Union Investment Services):


  ... just "Another Brick in the Wall"!**

... and one more example of artificial intelligence (AI) at work at SECU.

** What does "Another Brick in the Wall" mean?

  • Being another brick in the wall refers to you being a piece in a divisive system and nothing more. You are simply just like everyone else and you will never be seen as an individual beyond your roll in this metaphorical wall.  [A Pink Floyd song for you of the younger set.]