Friday, October 28, 2022

Member Message To SECU Board - Don't Crash the Plane!



Chairman Ayers and Members of the SECU Board of Directors:

It was a pleasure to attend our Annual Meeting with each of you, the SECU Advisory Board Members, and the SECU Staff.

I am the SECU member who made the following comments during the new business portion:

(1) I did not want to see SECU lose its excellent quality of personal customer service.
(2) I did not want SECU to end up like the Iconic Piedmont Airlines which was a NC home grown airline, known statewide and nationally for quality customer service and having a successful business model, until acquired by U.S. Airlines...

I was very disappointed to learn of the six actions taken by the SECU Board of Directors. It appears that these recommendations came solely from James Hayes and his Senior Executives. Perhaps they should have asked for input from the SVP's at the branch level and local Advisory Boards.

I believe we need to acknowledge the last 84 years of a very successful credit union which was built on solid financial principles.. This success and phenomenal growth was driven and achieved by prior SECU Boards, Senior Management Leaders, Branch SVP's, dedicated and efficient branch staff, and all supporting main office staff. I believe we can continue building on our strong foundation by making any necessary changes within the proven model of "people helping people".

Bennie Hudson
Proud Member NCSECU
35 years (Banking 8 - Credit Unions 27)
8 years volunteer NCSEC Advisory Board & Loan Review Committee 4 years USAF & Proud Vietnam Veteran