Thursday, September 28, 2023

The 3 Core Reasons To Elect - THE MEMBER NOMINATED CANDIDATES - Perkins, Clements, Stone! 

The financial and service quality decline at SECU under the current Board is disheartening.

  1. The hiring of the "$6.5 million dollar man" as CEO (now departed at great cost!).
  2. Punishing SECU retirees amid rising rates, by refusing to pay competitive savings rates - 1% or less on the majority of deposits.
  3. Overcharging the majority of SECU borrowers excessive rates with the new, discriminatory risk-based lending scheme - higher rates on average if you're young, Black, or female.
  4. Creation of major disruptions and distrust among dedicated, long-term SECU staff, through poor Board strategic planning and practices.
  5. Failure to be honest and forthright with the SECU membership concerning Elections/Annual meeting/Bylaw amendments. 

✅  The SECU Board lacks support from SECU staff and long term trusted leaders [see 9/25 post].

✅ The SECU Board has abandoned the Credit Union's moral compass:  


         Vote now for:  Perkins, Clements, Stone