Sunday, March 17, 2024

The Administrator of Credit Unions Knows North Carolina Law

... it's on their website! 

✅ Here check it out for yourself : [link to State Statutes] !

Or, here is the section you need to look at:


✅ North Carolina law permits only two limitations on participation by members in their credit union - just like the federal law. The first one is limiting voting rights to those members 16 years or older [54.109.31(d)]. The second one is the most important, a state-chartered credit union may limit a member from holding office in their credit union only if the member is less than 18 years old [54.109.31(e)]. You'll note that these laws have been in effect since at least 1975, not exactly new ideas. 

Every North Carolina credit union member 18 years or older is qualified to hold office in their credit union, according to North Carolina law. 

😎 Regardless of what "We" may think!

... but, but, but, the law doesn't matter... "We Are SECU"!