Sunday, June 4, 2023

Transformational Leadership At Work, Part 5... 

What's $120 million or so among "friends"? It's just [the members'] money ...



... another oxymoronicus: We got financially wounded by "friendly fire".


  1. Board of Directors: You’ve been caught or compromised. One or the 2. Either Jim has blackmailed you or you sincerely do not give a d*** about the employees or membership. Jim Hayes: I’m actually not disappointed in you because this is just who you are. Really not much to add. We all know you are a heartless clown. NCUA: Is who I am more disappointed than anyone! You know he is a crook and using SECU has his fun money. Do your job and get his a** out of here or I’m just going to assume the whole financial system is corrupt and there is truly no good parties involved anymore. Help! It’s okay to allow a decentralized credit union that favors human employees to exist! Not everything needs to be AI or automated in general in the future and we know that’s why his a** was sent here! Get him out! So we can manually put in the rightful CEO and get his place back on track!

  2. And the plot thickens. Are there possibly more bad actors involved?

  3. $120 Million Dollars out of the pockets of our North Carolina state employees, DOT workers, teachers, troopers... How dare this group write a letter to their SECU employees upholding the CEO this board turned loose with our credit union money. Mr. Blaine and any SECU employees and members fighting this cause are doing exactly what they should be doing - protecting SECU. North Carolinians paid for a bunch of California crooks and you just gave one from that company free reign with SECU and members' money.
    Ms. Garland, it's one thing to gamble with willing participants money and see them lose. SECU members are not willing participants in this game you board members seem to be playing. Restore OUR credit union back to the way it was under CEO Blaine and CEO Lord where we were making money not losing it - we were being served equally not by credit score - where Our local people were calling the shots down at our credit union - not all these outsiders only here to destroy and put our money in their pockets. This Board hasn't just failed us - You sold us and North Carolina out!

  4. Just like our national leaders have sold out American workers, this BOD has sold out SECU's members and employees ... the question remains, at what price? Follow the money trail they are trying to hide.