Saturday, May 6, 2023

Making Yourself Heard In The N.C. Senate - Check Out New "Designed To Deceive" Click Box Above 

A wonderful chance for a fair hearing on H. 410, ... if you'll take the time right now to make sure your voice is heard.

H. 410 has been sent to the Senate Rules Committee for additional consideration. If you wish to express your views on the future of state chartered credit unions in North Carolina, now is the time!

To send an email to the Chair of the Senate Rules, Senator Rabon - with cc all committee members - find the "How To" in the 5/4/2023 post. Please note you should send a copy to your personal Senator also - learn how to find who that is in the same post.

There are a wealth of serious problems with H. 410 and the deception used to push the bill forward - under-informing and intentionally misleading our representatives. Have consolidated discussions about those issues under one category above - "Designed to Deceive". Browse through, make your choices.


✔ Designed to Deceive #6 - Adding "s" eliminating "or" - these changes provide unlimited, open membership, including commercial businesses nationwide.

Designed to Deceive #5 - unlimited commercial lending - including unsecured - within and outside of North Carolina.  

Designed to Deceive #4 - overturns N.C. Supreme Court 1981 decision affirming statutory limitations on credit union membership.

Designed to Deceive #3 - Creates fictitious "financial deserts" in North Carolina based on "concocted analyses" of 2,195 census tracts. Pure unadulterated "bull-hockey". 

Designed to Deceive #2 - Creates "widow and orphans" groups to be served - most of which are "thrown under the bus" and eliminated  as bill evolves. CCUL refuses to accept mandate requiring these groups be served.

Designed to Deceive #1 - Here are broader key points: H. 410 provides open membership, full commercial lending, no requirement to serve either North Carolina, nor folks of modest means.

Clearly false claims such as permitting safe deposit boxes, electronic funds transfers, federal parity which have long been in N.C. law.

✔ Astro-turfing/Clowns - CCUL using pre-written, pre-filled out letters to falsify level of support.

✔"Just Minor Updates" - H. 410 clearly isn't minor -  deceptive bill from the "get go".

✔ There is unusual level of opposition to H. 410 from smaller N.C. credit unions and past longtime credit union leaders and supporters. Ask them why?

Majority of member-owners of North Carolina credit unions were not represented "at the table", when H. 410 was misconceived. 

✔ H. 410 will lead to North Carolina funds, jobs, and capital being sucked out of both rural and urban counties; it has already started.

✔ If North Carolina credit union laws need to be rewritten, H. 410 is a poor effort, unfavorable to North Carolina citizens and pushed forward in an underhanded manner. 

Give you some ammunition....? 

Or simply write:

 "Ref: H. 410, STOP THIS (insert appropriate noun)!

... now or never... ready, aim, fire!







  1. Don't rationalize by thinking somebody else will do it for you. If you believe in what this blog stands for please take a few minutes and email your Senator. It's important.

  2. I don't need to be Anonymous; I am Patty Munns and I have written to the rules committee as well as all Wake County senators. I did not spend 46 years at SECU to have it trashed like these folks are doing. Showing great restraint trying to be polite!#@$##!#

    1. Haha. Patty I know you are trying hard to be polite. It is extremely hard to be, I understand totally

    2. Patty come on back. I know you could take ‘‘em all! Sure miss all the previous executives!

    3. You’re a great representation of our Credit Union Patty! Thank you for standing up for us who are scared to publish our names! We stand with you and all in support of this blog !!

    4. Thank you Patty Munns - would love to see some of those you trained up, stand their ground like you always did. SECU employees are not afraid of change - if it's in the right place and in the best interest of the members and our credit union. So far we have seen nothing except failings and mistakes out of these executives.

  3. My emails have been sent. Trusting the Senate will take a much harder look at H.410 and not fall for Schline and SECU's deception on the matters. These leaders are not to be trusted with our credit unions in North Carolina. Counting on our Senators to do what is right and stop H.410 from passing.

  4. Sent personalized emails to the 21 senators on the rules committee plus another email to my home senator. Since that was almost half of the senators, I thought I might as well go ahead and email the other 28. Done.

  5. One thing that doesn’t get said enough about the specialization/centralization. When you specialize, you compartmentalize. You no longer have a United workforce…which is what this and many other CEOs want. When you have a decentralized/“Jack of all trades” workforce…you have a United workforce. You understand the struggle because we all did the same or similar tasks. When you decentralize, you take the power out of one man or a few hands and give it back to the workforce. As Jim Blaine did and Mike. Empowering his employees to make local decisions. That’s why previously we had localized VPs, managers in our districts. Now we are under one regime…and it’s not working out because we were prior a decentralized credit union with a different philosophy from the typical top down management that most CEOs go about. That’s another key people need to remember. We must decentralize the credit union or we will just turn into another corporation that treats their employees like numbers. If that’s what you want, keep compromising and saying “some of his changes are good”. None are. They all have a purpose and are linked to each other. There is no good in what he is doing. RBL, AI upgrade, specializing, decentralizing all thrown at the employees at one time…for those sitting on the fence….it’s time to smell the roses…All of those drastic changes and on top of him trying to get H410 passed…there isn’t amount of money I would take to defend what Jim Hayes and this BOD are doing to a really great company. If this door busts down, don’t be surprised to find skeletons.

    1. There needs to be more said about the employee moral because of this. I really don’t know if many of these employees are going to stick around, so much more opportunity and pay out there. everyday unbearable… hanging on just waiting for that saving grace, that this is all just temporary… such a waste of smart, loyal and well educated talent…. They will not invest in their employees anymore, they’re okay with the idea of people coming in, working a year or two and then leaving. Certainly not investing in any NEW positions, this hiring freeze is like a drought that never ends….

    2. Per Brady we never had a "hiring freeze" and she doesn't like that term, prefers "pause" but then there was never a hiring freeze/pause per Brady. Yesterday branches received an email about the digital enhancement. Now, I'm for upgrading technology but this digital enhancement will replace employees especially tellers. Jimmy already said SECU has too many employees. Like you said above, Jimmy is alright with folks leaving. Remember his email about his passion and how he took big leaps that brought him to NC from Maryland and before that California. Dude is a giant narcissist who has surrounded himself with yes men/women. Btw, don't disagree with him or you find yourself in a different exiled or excommunicated.

    3. Every time members ask why our rates are so low compared to so many other banks, I just pull out my TeamSECU sunglasses… this right here. It’s symbolic at this point

    4. They are symbolic, for the spending. They should be in showcase someplace. hang on to them. They may be worth something one day

  6. New phone system NICE has been a disaster so far. We should have kept the old system. So much for the top dollar tech we are getring