Monday, April 3, 2023

SECU "New" Culture - Everybody Is Doing It! - It's The Industry Standard.

To:  SECU Board of Directors

Yes, SECU was different in offering equal lending rates to all qualified members, regardless of their race, their age, their gender, their economic status....

It is very regrettable that each of you personally agreed to conform to "industry standards"....



  1. What many of the new management team at SECU don't understand is that Culture is earned, built by true leadership, integrity, ethics and ultimately by what is best for the member. It does not matter how many chief culture officers you hire, how many marketing specialists you have, how many "new culture" conferences you hold, true Credit Union culture is about doing what is right for the members not necessarily what is easiest or what is most profitable. Gym Haze and the current Board sadly just don't get it, the folks that really built SECU still do.

    When the basic tenet of the "new" culture is that "it's not what the old culture was" you've got an identity problem. You don't stand for anything substantive, it's all about fluff and meaningless slogans and titles and making yourself look good. The culture you're trying to replace is the real deal, built over decades by committed employees and committed member volunteers, built by deeds not words. The members and employees are smarter than you give them credit for. They want their credit union back because they deserve better than what you're pedaling.

    1. Gym Haze has made the same mistake many who move into NC do. Don't try to change us into what you just left, if it was great why did you leave? We at SECU are who we are and proud of it! Our culture can't be erased with a few words. And unfortunately, your actions have spoken louder than words. Members and employees want their credit union back!

  2. and Accountability! Not our idea, it was that Loan Admin EVP (no longer here) who thought of RBL.C'mon Gym, you can do better than that.

  3. Morality gets in the way PROFITS!