Tuesday, February 28, 2023

SECU Board Judgment - Under National Review #2

 To: SECU Board of Directors

Dear Chairman Ayers, 

As noted in "Judgment - Part 1", folks at the national level are beginning to review the soundness of your decisions and judgment in leading SECU forward - an uplift or downward spiral?  


[Here's the link] to Chip Filson's second part in the series on SECU.  Greater detail on Mr. Filson's credentials and expertise in the area of credit unions can be found in "Judgment - Part #1". Mr. Filson attempts "to analyze the facts" on your "New Culture, New Direction - SECU". Unfortunately your facts are few, but generalities are plentiful. 

The suspicion remains that the SECU Board is either ill-informed or uninformed on these important issues; and therefore, can't provide greater clarity and transparency to the members who have questions. The questions continue to grow, Board responsiveness is not encouraging.

So far, no one - even you and the SECU Board - has questioned the progress which SECU achieved over its first 85 years - in fact, take a look at what you say! [link] SECU History.  Yes, what indeed led you and the SECU Board to order an "about face", when confronted with success? 

Why did you order a turn for the worst?

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